Our mission is to be a Christ-centered Church, develop Christ-centered families, and plant Christ-centered churches. Part of our strategy to accomplish this mission is active discipleship through Groups. Groups serves 3 purposes: Discipleship, Biblical Community and Gospel-driven Intentionality. We desire for people to walk in biblical community, to grow deeper in their walk with God, and to serve those inside and outside of their biblical community with Gospel-driven intentionality. 

Should I Join One?

Groups are a safe place for you to explore and deepen your understanding of the Gospel, no matter where you are coming from and what your experience has been. If you are looking for a place to connect with other people in community and to pursue Jesus, then join one.


Groups are the place where discipleship happens. We study God’s Word together, pray for each other, and help each other get closer to Jesus. As people grow in their understanding of the Gospel, they challenge each other to live out the implications of the gospel in their communities and neighborhoods.

Biblical Community:

Groups are the place where people pursue Jesus through biblical community. To properly reflect God’s communal nature and to follow His communal commands, we must as a people engage in community, which is sacrificially loving, consistent, worshipful, and authentically transparent. In this way, we seek to “do life together”.

Gospel-driven Intentionality:

Groups challenge people be intentional in living and sharing the gospel in their communities and neighborhoods. As the Church spreads out, we can better work our way into the neighborhoods and communities for the sake of the Gospel. In Gospel-driven intentionality we are able to work together to find and seize opportunities to make a difference and to make disciples of Jesus.

We currently offer two different types of Groups, Life Groups and Interest Groups. Click below for more information!