Small Things Big Difference: Make Disciples

As Jesus gathers his 11 disciples, it is important to notice that every follower of Jesus is at that meeting as well. Where Jesus gives the Great Commission, to make disciples, to every follower of Jesus. We have been assigned to announce the gospel, embody the gospel and spread the gospel. Knowing and trusting that God is always with us. 

Jamal Hyman
Small Things Big Difference: Walking with Others

Walking with God leads us to walking with others. Through the process of biblical community we are demonstrating the very nature of the Holy Trinity. Striving to display these characteristics: sacrifically loving, consistent, worshipful, and authentic. So, that through our coming together we can begin to witness to others the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jamal Hyman
Small Things Big Difference: Walking with God

Knowing God leads us to walking with God. Through the process of discipleship we are able to know God through His Word and walk with God through prayer. Through prayer we are declaring our dependence on God and submitting to His Will.  

Jamal Hyman
Small Things Big Difference: Know God

As a church, God has entrusted us with the Gospel, which is the power of God for salvation. At Forest Park Church we are passionate in our pursuit of Jesus, as we desire to be Christ-Centered Church, develop Christ-Centered Families, and plant Christ-Centered Churches. We accomplish this through the Great Commission and we define disciples as generous servant living an intentional life. Our process of making disciples first starts with knowing God. We know God through His Word, we gain wisdom and understanding, God’s word is living and active and God’s Word is the only offensive weapon against the assault of our spiritual enemy.

Neil Grobler