Our missionaries are located throughout the world. We believe that by partnering with people globally, we are ensuring that the Gospel is being carried into all the world. The following is a list of missionaries we are currently supporting.


The Romaines - Spain

Jonathan, his wife Hannah, and kids Addaline and baby Ian are church planters to Spain. Since they left in 2014, they have made connections with a Church they serve in as they are learning to speak Spanish in language school. They have each made large strides in learning the language, and are excited to finish this training so that they can begin working in a new area.


The Stokes – Asia

JP & Megan are church planters in Asia. The past two years have been spent learning the native language through intense one-on-one training as they lived with a Nepali family. They also welcomed their first child this past year. They are excited for what God has planned for them as they transition to their actual intended mission field in the next year.


The VanWarts – Uganda

Matt, his wife Elizabeth, and their four children are medical missionaries to Uganda. They recently left in October of 2015, and have already hit the ground running. They will be partnering with already established Churches in the area to setup health clinics where they hope to train nationals how to treat themselves. We are excited to see how God will use this family to reach out to people Spiritually as they help to take care of physical needs.


The Kennedy’s – Nicaragua

Max and Jennifer Kennedy are church planters to Nicaragua. They began their support journey this past year and plan to be in country for language school starting in August of 2016. They will be joining an already well-established team of missionaries there with a goal of planting national-led Church plants. Their goal is to see 10 Churches planted in 10 years. We are excited to see what God has in store for them as they reach Nicaragua later this year.


The Reesor’s – New Zealand

Tom and his wife Lisa are missionaries to New Zealand. They have been there for a number of years, and continue to see God move in many ways. Most recently, they have been focusing on outreach in the Church they currently oversee. Since this shift towards outreach, they have seen their weekly Bible study increase, and people surrendering their lives to Christ. Their prayer request is for connection with the people God is calling them to serve through outreach and evangelism.


The Beckley's – West Africa

Ken and his wife Sarah are missionaries to West Africa. They have been there since 2005 overseeing the Bible translation project for Songhai in Mali and Dendi in Benin. Most recently, the Songhai New Testament has been completed. They have successfully planted in the village of Tolozugu. They are praying for the completion of the Bible translation in Songhai and Dendi, as well as for their young pastor they are discipling to continue the work of God.


The Kidd’s – Germany

Rod and his wife Lindy are missionaries to Germany. They have been there for many years, and oversee multiple Church campuses and ministries. They host ministries ranging from children all the way to seniors within their Church and home each week. They are praying that God would provide a pastor to take on the Church they currently oversee.