At Forest Park we believe that being a Servant grows us in our faith and helps us to form deeper relationships with those around us. It is one way to become better connected to the Church body. God has given each of us gifts and passions that can and should be used for His glory. Each ministry below represents a part of a greater whole in our Church. If you would like to serve in one of our ministries listed below, simply click the image and you will be directed to our Serve Application. Once we receive the application, the leader of that Ministry will contact you with more information.


Guest Services

This team actively demonstrates God’s love with every handshake and “hello”. In this serving area the potential to make a lasting impression is immeasurable. Greeters are energetic, talkative and friendly. They have a cheerful smile and enjoy welcoming people. Ushers see to it that everyone feels welcomed and knows where they are going. The hospitality team helps enrich our Sunday morning experience by preparing and serving coffee for all to enjoy. Those who serve coffee are welcoming, hospitable and friendly.



We have a talented group of musicians at Forest Park; however, we believe there are others who would love to use their musical giftedness to lead worship. This requires a high level of commitment, experience and excellence in musician ship.


Audio/Visual Team

Are you passionate about sounds, lighting and video? Do you like using the latest technology to create a polished product? This team enhances the worship environment through providing high quality audio, video, and lighting for the worship team, videos and Pastor each Sunday.  No need to be an expert to join this team – we’re happy to train you!


Creative Arts Team

Do you know how to create graphics and produce videos? This can be used to promote events, announcements, and stories of lives being transformed by the Gosepl.


Ignite Kids

This opportunity may include serving as a teacher or serving as an assistant in one of the many Ignite Kids environments: Pre-K, K-1st, 2nd-3rd, and 4th-5th. We also have opportunities with our Worship Team, Registration Team and Sound Team on Sunday mornings and evenings.



If you love being around babies and toddlers this ministry is for you. With the high increase of young families, this ministry is essential so that parents may come in and be equipped, encourage and worship without any distractions. This also presents you the opportunity to hold the infant and pray over the infant and teach toddlers about Jesus.



If you’re passionate about working with students in middle school or high school, this is a great volunteer opportunity for you. We have opportunities serving on Sunday evenings in our Exemplify Student Ministries.


Food Pantry

If you have a heart for people in the community that are hurting and struggling, food pantry is a great ministry to meet the physical needs of the people. This also gives you the opportunity to share the love of Christ with people that are hurting and share the Gospel. This ministry is for someone who is very compassionate, friendly and also has the ability to share the Gospel.



Upgrade is an after school program in partnership with Brown Elementary school. The Up Grade program was designed to help the development of reading, comprehension skills and math in the lives of the students enrolled.  Our hope is that in doing so that students will gain the confidence needed to accomplish day-to-day school-related tasks. This is a great opportunity to help a child need.



Volunteers on our Facilities team serve behind the scenes. They take care of the church building and grounds and keep things looking and working great. They clean the church building, maintain the church grounds, prep for services and events, and help with landscaping, painting and taking out the trash.