For Such A Time As This

In a world of urgent need, God has sovereignly placed His people in certain positions and certain places for His purpose. We should response in these ways to see the need, seek God, and take action. 

Jamal Hyman
Heart of Service

God has a message for us all knowing that in the midst of God's correction there is always a message of hope. We need to continuously evaluate our hearts, according to God's word, to make sure we have a servant's heart willing to go, share and serve wherever God sends us.

Neil Grobler

The best attempt to define a disciple is that Jesus is at the core of transforming everything about us. First, He transforms our heart then triggers a continuous process as we grow in knowing God. He transforms our heart, mind, affections, will, relationships and purpose for His glory. 

Neil Grobler

As exiles scattered on this earth, we continue to pray and work for the prosperity of the community that we live in. Our mission is that we are passionate in our pursuit of Jesus as we desire to reproduce a Christ-centered culture in our church, family and community. This drives our relationship with Dr. Brown Elementary School as we celebrate our third year of Upgrade an after school program.

Neil Grobler
Follow Me

Jesus commands us to follow Him but know that he takes the initiative to choose us, provides the power to use us, and gets the glory through us so that we can be disciple-makers. As disciples, discipleship or disciple-making is our mission. 

Neil Grobler
Family Worship

God's Word teaches us how to lead our family so that we can be a Christ-Centered family that prays, worship and serve together.

Neil Grobler
Church Is

We are called to be the church with the purpose of glorifying God, building up believers and serving our world. Out of all the things that we could be likened to, we are likened to the bride of Christ. The reason we are called the bride is because God wants intimacy with us, He offers protection and we have privileges.

Neil Grobler

Listen as JP our missionary to Asia challenges us to devote ourselves to prayer and to make the most of every opportunity to share the Gospel as our conversations are full of grace and seasoned with salt.

Neil Grobler